Energizing Workshops

Deeper dive into hot topics! Enjoy a hands on learning experience
in a working session, all while connecting with others.

Transformative Baths for Healing & Renewal

Create Water Therapy Rituals for Healing + Renewal. Find how your very own bathtub can become a place you can return to yourself and find your center.

Thursday, Nov 11
7-9 pm EST/ 4-6 pm PST.
Facilitator: Dr. Sarah Paton

Successful Sleep Workshop

Sleep can be elusive. Practice movement patterns & make herbal blends to help combat insomnia, experience relaxation techniques to help get your zzzzz’s.

Botanical Bodega

Experience Botanical Bodega and learn new tricks using common herbs and plants in new ways. Includes dried plant material shipped to your home to “play along” during demonstrations..

Mindset Hacks

Shift your mindset with facilitated practice &  opportunities to reset your frame of mind.

Fresh Start Detox Retreat

Everything You Need To Know to Cleanse and Restore Body + Mind. Kick off a week long detox with a power session learning how to eat, rest, and heal leaving you refreshed and grounded.

Additional Courses:

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