Seize Your Opportunity

Virtual Live Series

You are at a Transitional Point: milestone birthday, divorce, marriage, empty nest,
career change, re-entry into work, retirement, grief, or
simply questioning where you stand in life.

We recognize your time and energy are a valuable commodity. And you are at the center of you. You are at a pivot point. You may be smart, successful, yet feel a little stuck. 

You are ready to create successful change to live better. Fine tune what you want. Attain the goals you haven’t been able to do so on your own. Naturally increase confidence as you build on each success.  To take control of your life and live your life with utmost vitality. You are ready to pivot now…

Windows of opportunity

Personal Success

  • Finding Clarity
  • Sustainable Change
  • Change Gears & Get What You Want

Overcome the Overwhelm

  • Take Charge of Stressful Situations
  • Setting (and Sticking to) Boundaries
  • Resiliency Round Up

Meaning & Purpose

  • Pivot Into Your Purpose
  • Personal Insights & Development
  • Greater fulfillment

“This class has provided the infrastructure for the personal and professional change I have been seeking during the pandemic. The zoom structure mixed with a small amount of homework worked great for me!”



“This class is excellent for anyone who is going through a big transition in life. Susan and Genevieve gently walk you through several useful stress-reducing techniques, as well as help you clarify your values and long-term vision. Gift yourself this time to focus on you. Happy journey!”



“This workshops offers an organized platform to reflect on the areas in life in which you might feel stuck or are overwhelmed with the steps you might take to achieve your goals. The workshop unfolds week by week to build mindfulness and self awareness – and provides useful tools for action.” 



“Participating in Shift Happens #1 and Shift #2 taught me new things about how to be mindful, have self compassion, and to consistently celebrate the wins. I practiced making small, doable, steps so that each goal built on the other. Genevieve and Susan made this so fun and I looked forward to hanging out with these ladies every other week. I can use everything I learned in someway going forward when I am making other changes in my life.”


North Carolina