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Doing the poses every day has helped me feel more flexible, energetic, and I do it now for those reasons as well as building stronger bones. It’s a win-win situation! Mary G, North Carolina

Having a supportive community makes you more accountable and more supported. Bare Bones makes you feel less anxious about being diagnosed with osteoporosis and more confident that you are doing something positive to improve not only your bone health, but your overall health. I feel like I can beat this thing! I feel powerful and in control of myself!  Susan T, Wisconsin

Nourishment for Happy Bones



Bone Exercise

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Nourishment for Happy Bones Video Vault Membership

Want to nourish your body for strong, happy bones, and to feel your best? Do you love straight forward, easy to understand options for supporting your health? Do you want to have better conversations with your medical care team? In addition to video information, wouldn’t a topic based workbook be nice for easily making notes and checking your knowledge as you move through your wellness journey? Then Nourishment for Happy Bones…and More! is just the ticket.

Bone Exercise Video Vault Membership

For those who are ultra-focused on getting the 12 poses done that research has shown to increase bone mineral density.  You don’t want to think about timing or sequence. You want to follow the poses at different levels and with cues to help improve your form and with new videos to keep you motivated.  In the Bare Bones classes, we cover the 12 poses in 25 minutes, and with over 50 videos to choose from, we help you complete 2 out of 3 components of the Magic formula: Time in Pose and Frequency, all you have to bring is Effort!  You’ve got this!

You want to improve your STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, BALANCE, RELAXATION, and POSTURE. Reducing your risk of vertebral fractures is important to you. You don’t want to think about what exercises you can do or not do to avoid spinal flexion; you just want to follow a curated series that is designed with no spinal flexion. You appreciate seeing modifications. You have a busy life with not a lot of extra time, so 15-30 minute sessions really fit the bill. The Bone Exercise Membership will help you feel energized while helping to improve your overall health!

Strong Bones! Video Vault Membership

You want it ALL. You are committed to your Bone Health. You are empowered with knowledge and your roadmap and are Taking Charge of Your Health, specifically your Bone Health!


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Disclaimer: Please be advised that the content of this workshop is never to be used as a substitution for the opinion and services of a licensed healthcare professional. The use of yoga as an adjunct to wellness is intended to be an integrative supportive activity that fosters the innate healing potential of everyone, but is not a substitute for licensed medical care and is subject to the applicable governing laws of your state/province. All forms of exercise including yoga are activities in which you the participant assume the risk of injury or harm as a result of your participation. As such, please ensure that you have obtained your doctor's approval prior to engaging in this or any physical activity. You agree by virtue of participation in this workshop to hold harmless any and all of its speakers, participants, or hosts from any and all liability from harm should you incur any injuries, whether mental or physical, as a result of your participation in this workshop.