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Yoga vs. Osteoporosis

Build Bone Mineral Density so you can Be More, Do More!

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➙Level 2 Instructional Video Vault Access for an Entire Year
➙Videos breaking down each of the 12 Poses
➙12 Pose Full Sequence Video: Putting it All Together
➙Deluxe Handout- Level 2 Poses with color pictures & cues
➙Common Pose Pitfalls & Modifications


➙Additional videos featuring  Level 1.5 option
➙Full Sequence Videos in BOTH Level 1.5 & Level 2 with exact 35-second hold


➙Bonus: 15 Easy Calcium Rich Dishes



Limited Time Offer

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You want to bridge the gap between Level 1 and Level 2


You are curious about how to advance your poses in good form


You are committed to your bone health


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Turn Your Practice into Building Bone Mineral Density & Reduce Your Risk of Fractures & Falls

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that the content of this workshop is never to be used as a substitution for the opinion and services of a licensed healthcare professional. The use of yoga as an adjunct to wellness is intended to be an integrative supportive activity that fosters the innate healing potential of everyone, but is not a substitute for licensed medical care and is subject to the applicable governing laws of your state/province. All forms of exercise including yoga are activities in which you the participant assume the risk of injury or harm as a result of your participation. As such, please ensure that you have obtained your doctor's approval prior to engaging in this or any physical activity. You agree by virtue of participation in this workshop to hold harmless any and all of its speakers, participants, or hosts from any and all liability from harm should you incur any injuries, whether mental or physical, as a result of your participation in this workshop.