Bodega Blueprint

Friday September 10 –
Monday September 13

Florence, OR


Sept 10

Carving out time for “you” is a gift, especially considering our most limited resources tend to be time and energy. Guests are invited to create & enjoy the hands-on creations of botanical preparations you can make at home. Breathe in possibility with optional activities and relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. 

We kick off the retreat with a Welcome Gathering at our private apothecary, which also offers ample room for social distancing. Enjoy luscious complimentary Mocktails or champagne cocktail with Wild Rose Brandy Elixer, while meeting your Retreat Guides and fellow retreat cohorts and setting the groundwork.

Closeout your day with a sumptuous dinner at one of the charming restaurants in Florence or grab food-to-go and a scenic spot for your own picnic along the river or the ocean.

Sat & Sun

Sept 10 & 11

Saturday:  Nutritive Herbs (Nutritious)
Introduction to botanical herbs, including the history and extraction methods, and using Nutritive Herbs as tonics for daily well-being. Explore your Ayurveda Dosha Type.

Sunday : Adaptogenic Herbs (adapt to stress) 
The morning is focused on Adaptogenic Herbs for managing stress, as well as diving into better sleep.

A Nutritive Lunch will be served for your enjoyment.
1 PM – 3 PM
The afternoons are spent hands-on making 3 or 4 items for you to take home.
Following the structured retreat content, attend an optional activity such as “Improving your Alignment”
After 4:30
The remainder of your afternoons is selected by you. Check out the Pacific Ocean, watch sea lions frolic, nap, stroll….as you enhance your healthy well-being. Relish in delectable dinners. Stargaze. Recalibrate.


Sept 13

9 AM -Noon

Winter Wellness – Susan’s top 3-4 favorite Winter Well-being products.  Even more make and take…

Curious about taking control of your health?

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September 10-13, 2021


Florence, OR


Botanical Bodega