Change. For the Better.

Effective & Flexible Coaching

We Support Your Most Important Asset: Your People

Ready to pivot from a “workplace” focus to improving your team members total “life” experience? Get back on course. Increase the tools in your teams toolbox to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, manage stress levels, and re-energize. Foster more effective leaders with insights, translating into business success.

Business coaching services

Business Success Coaching

  • Become more effective leader
  • Stay accountable for lasting results
  • Create business growth with clarity
  • High performing team coaching
  • Trained in PROPHET business tool
  • Geared towards 1:1 or teams

Group Well-Being Success

  • Science based techniques 
  • Pre-set topic choices 
  • Options to customize
  • Live programs (virtual or in person)
  • Geared to a 2 person shop, a team of 20, or large corporation

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Happier employees –> Less turnover
  • Reduced indirect health costs
  • Improved financial and operational results
  • Building skills and confidence –> positively affect company’s reputation & performance
  • Happier people –> more engaged, more creative, better problem solvers
  • Increase efficiency & re-energize

For Group Well-Being, select from the below menu:

1) What topic is relevant or if you prefer customized to your specific needs
2) Choose what time frame (weekly or half day) works for your group
3) Choose your preferred live event format: in person or virtual

Take Charge of Stressful Situations & Challenges with a Plan

Kickstart your confidence & personal energy to live & work well using P3:Pause, Pivot, Propel. (3 hours)

Finding Clarity

Clarify your role, both personally & professionally. As a group, obtain clarity in the direction, vision, & goals. Be clear on the “why” you are doing what you are doing. With understanding, comes increased vitality, effectiveness, productivity, and fulfillment. (3 hours)

Resiliency Round Up

For over drafted and depleted personal & team resiliency bank accounts. How you can build up your resiliency deposits and reserves. (3 hours)

Sustainable Change

Leverage neuroscience to create and sustain new habits. Make changes where you have been unsuccessful in the past. (3 hours)

Personal Insights & Development

Leverage your insights into a powerful force to overcome obstacles, increase your resiliency, and be more productive. (3 hours)

Setting (and Sticking) to Boundaries

Work boundaries are nebulous and ambiguous these days. Craft and implement your boundaries. (3 hours)