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Holiday Bone Health Bundle

Sharing our gratitude with you! We all know that the best gift we can give to the important people in our lives is our own vibrant health and well-being.

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We’re grateful for all of you that are ready to get back to your bone health. Osteoporosis, Osteopenia? We’ve got you. Bone health is our passion. And the “Bone-Us” here is that we want to make a Bone Rattling offer as we’ve rarely made, AND may never make again. We’re offering our “Bone-afide Gratitude.” 

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Travel, Play and Live the Life You Dream of…

What's included?


Strengthen Your Bones 12 Pose Package


Create Inspiration, Energy & Joy Package


Navigate Osteoporosis Confidently Package


Botanical Body Care Package


Calcium Plus Package



Bonus: Live Instructor Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Course

I am so, so very grateful to have heard about this summit and am so, SO grateful for the completeness, wholeness, of it. I cannot believe how it includes absolutely every angle. Thank you so much!

Bone Health Summit

I never realized how much is dependent on proper posture and how we knock our balance off by not having proper posture.

Bone Health Summit

When I am in connection with my heart my mind clears and I am in a peaceful& productive state. i Love the tools I learned today to remind me to return to my Heart& Listen!❤️

The Balanced Life

The Bone Health Challenge is a launching pad to send you off to become your own bone health advocate. I have a better handle on the direction I want to head with regard to how to approach my Dr., nutrition and exercise. Learning how to move, bend, stand and sit for spinal stability and strength really tuned me into my body and daily life. Dorothy B. WA

Bone Health Challenge

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Holiday Bone Health Bundle:

The Balanced Life: Creating Inspiration, Energy & Joy Package

10x Complete Video Sessions, Including the Most Popular…
+ The Science of Sleep
+ Better Balance with Homeopathy
+ Fuel Your Energy: Sweep Up Overwhelm
+ Balancing Immunity
+ Shifting your Mindset with One Word

Yoga vs Osteoporosis: Level 1 - Strengthen Your Bones 12 Pose Package

The Entire Level 1 Yoga vs Osteoporosis Video Vault
+ 12 Simple Poses to Reverse Osteoporosis
+ Level One Travel Size Handout
+ Level One Deluxe Handout
+ Complete video walkthrough of all 12 poses from Level 1
+ Pose Pitfalls & Modifications

Navigate Osteoporosis Confidently Package

5 Day Complete Video Sessions, Including the Most Popular…
+ Efficacy of Exercise for Osteoporosis 
+ Osteoporosis Options: Diagnostics, Risk, & Medications
+ Bodacious Nutrients for Better Bones
PLUS The iPIVOT-now Roadmap for navigating your Osteoporosis Journey

Botanical Body Care Package

4 Complete Videos + eBook

+ Botanical Body Care Basics 
+ Botanical Face Care Basics 
+ Botanical Outdoor Skincare
+ Pure and Natural Body Care

Calcium Plus Package

2 Videos + 2 eBooks

+ Calcium Supplements at a Glance
+ Calcium Unlocked and Demystified
+ Warming, Wonderful Golden Milk
+ The Sensational Benefits of Sprouting

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A Seat in Our Flagship Program

Live Course

Yoga vs. Osteoporosis

We couldn’t resist. For the Holidays we just couldn’t live with ourselves if you didn’t get to join us in the next LIVE Yoga vs Osteoporosis (YvO) session starting Tuesday November 29. 

This is our flagship program that we don’t know exactly when we will offer again. We just know you’ll have so much fun learning with a like-minded group. 

Check out the Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Detail Page. You’ll see the program is offered for $279, so this alone makes it a winning opportunity for you to join us.

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