Coming March 2022:

Creating Inspiration, Energy & Joy 2.0

Live Virtual Wellness Conference

The Balanced Life: Creating Inspiration, Energy & Joy

2022: Coming soon

2021: Engaging sessions featuring dynamic speakers focused on living better, positive outlooks, & healthy self-care routines. Enhance your emotional and mental wellbeing and add 10 realistic strategies to your resiliency toolbox.


2021 Presentations Included:

The Science of Sleep

Use science to improve your sleep quality, gain strategies to combat sleep obstacles. How your behavior and choices impact your sleep & tips for a blissful nights sleep. 

Better Balance with Homeopathy

Learn seven effective, affordable and safe homeopathic remedies to soothe anxiety and loss, balance immune function,  and speed energy recovery.

Fuel Your Energy: Sweep Up Overwhelm

Strategies to determine priorities & setting boundaries. 

Find Inspiration: Open the Windows to Your Thoughts

ID your thoughts & limiting beliefs to change your thoughts, in order to change the results in your life. 

Lifestyle Design: Create a Health Retreat in your Home

Transform your home into an oasis of rest, beauty and healing by applying simple rules of feng shui and tips for creating a cozy hygge atmosphere. Design your own gentle Restorative Weekend Detox to rejuvenate body and mind. Be inspired by delicious menu ideas, supplements, herbal medicines and flower essences to support your emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Seasonal Interactive Botanical Kitchen

Join us in the kitchen to experience how simple common spices can liven up your menu and benefit your well-being.

Employing “Heartfulness” in the Labyrinth and Life

A significant HeartMind connection creating a profound shift within that helps you approach situations with more emotional balance, compassion, and clarity.  Explore the powerful synergy of heart coherence and the labyrinth.

Spilling the Tea

How to make plant medicine part of your every day life.  Treat yourself with the rituals of making tea, including decoction, infusion, and a few nourishing herbs that specifically support women’s health.  Those little cups of tea can be life changing.

Shifting your Mindset with One Word

One step hacks to change your mindset.  

Dr. Sarah Paton, ND

Dr. Sarah Paton, licensed Naturopathic Doctor specializing in homeopathic treatment of mental, emotional and neurological conditions. She is the author of the popular book “The Vitality Prescription: 100+ Simple Strategies for Better Health and Radiant Well-Being.” Dr. Sarah regularly presents on Joy as Medicine: Leveraging the power of daily joy to boost immunity, bolster stress support and overcome challenging health conditions.” An authority on lifestyle design, homeopathic medicine, the science of happiness, and celebrating life’s simple pleasures of food and community, she is working up the courage to jump in the freezing Maine ocean on a regular basis.

Featured Presenters

Dr. Liza Davis

Dr. Liza Davis


Dr. Liza Davis is a Counseling Psychologist and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach based in North Carolina. 

Dr. Marion McCrary

Dr. Marion McCrary


Dr. Marion McCrary is a Primary Care Internal Medicine Physician and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach based in North Carolina. 

Karen Mee

Karen Mee


Karen is a professional Gardener, Herbalist, and Nutritionist. She is a Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator and certified Add Heart facilitator, residing at her medicinal herb farm based in Colorado.

Andrea Leyerle

Andrea Leyerle

Andrea is a dedicated, long-time advocate of the holistic healing approach and has devoted her time to building Andi Lynn’s Pure & Custom Formulary, a natural health company dedicated to conserving the traditions of growing and preserving herbs in natural formulations through the combined practices of modern science and artisanal craft and is based in Louisiana.

Genevieve Rockett, PT

Genevieve Rockett, PT


Genevieve is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Resilience & Mindfulness Practitioner, and a Physical Therapist based in North Carolina.

Susan Williams, MEd

Susan Williams, MEd


Susan is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Resilience & Mindfulness Practitioner, American Herbalist Guild Registered Herbalist and State Certified Auricular Acupuncturist based in Arizona.


What People are Saying

“I learned something new in every session! It has reminded me of things I have been meaning to implement and has ignited my curiosity about topics I’d like to learn more about. Thank you so much for organizing this event. It was a joy to spend the day with so many amazing women!”

“Connecting Heart Math science to Hawaiian Healing Traditions – reinforced this bridging. The effectiveness of using the “mini” labyrinth was wonderful!”



“That there is just so so so much to learn and that it never ends. However, there are many ways to learn and your conference is one!!!”

“There were so many!!! I think my biggest take-away was the excitement I felt from experiencing the words/energy/positivity of these women who presented. Some of the info wasn’t new, but a lot was, but the best thing was the ENERGY!! Whew! I loved it. “

“TA DA is the ultimate way to celebrate. I love the “Show up and Be open” but there were so many others. LOVED Sarah’s idea of how to do a retreat at home- I plan to try that! “

“My heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful experience. It was so informative and uplifting. Each presenter was captivating and so passionate about sharing their knowledge and fun personalities…I truly believe you raised the love, joy and creativity meter on the planet. It is something when you can make such a difference in so many lives. It couldn’t have been done at a better time. Thank you for your generous and amazing spirits and your ability to share them with such open hearts. Applause…Applause!!”