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Yoga vs. Osteoporosis

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Discover the excitement of our “no-harm” bone disease approach so you can play, travel, and live your dream life!

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Learn bone-building poses, sustain your determination, and take charge of your health with Your Tribe. Live your most active, vibrant life!

Life Changing Program

Yoga vs Osteoporosis is a life changing program.  A four week class begins the journey and is then followed up by ongoing support to practice the poses on a daily basis as well as additional classes to learn more about yoga, conditioning, and botanicals.  Although I’d taken a couple of yoga classes in the past, learning with Genevieve and Susan was a very different experience.  After only a few weeks, I feel stronger and my balance is better. Together, these top-notch instructors bring positivity, warmth, and yoga into my mornings!  Perhaps the highest praise I can offer is that I’ve already recommended these classes to my friends! ~ Pam K., Virginia

I Felt More Energized

Yoga vs Osteoporosis is a fantastic course- fun and supportive environment with very clear instructions. Having each pose broken down was vital…since starting I’ve noticed I stand a little taller” ~ Melanie L., Georgia

Easy to Attend with Zoom

Doing the class by Zoom, made it so easy to attend when I wasn’t at home. I appreciated being able to watch the class recordings. I felt more energized on the days after class.  ~ Carrie L, Virginia