We all know it. Healthy people tend to fare better in times of illness.

But what can we mortals do? It’s pretty straightforward, but not always easy. We need to BOOST our immunity. With all of the tools at our ready.

My awesome health coach, herbalist and medical friends share many ideas regarding wellness. Here are just a few:

1. Get outside! Vitamin D level is important during this current pandemic. It’s easy to get your level tested with a simple blood test. Most labs offer basic tests without a doctor’s order and the cost is fairly reasonable. Get out in the sunshine, soak it up, and if need be, supplement with your health care providers recommendation.

2. Get the other Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin C! Good friend, brilliant chemist, and a fellow herbalist recommends eating a whole organic orange like an apple. Peel, pith, and all. She especially likes blood oranges.

3. Hydrate! Drink plenty of pure water. I’ve come to really favor just drinking hot water during this cooler season. I find it more satisfying than it sounds.

4. Eat well. Fresh, organic food. Locally grown, if possible. It nourishes the body and the soul.

5. Humidify! Even if it’s just a stovetop pan of simmering water, with perhaps a couple of drops of a favored essential oil. Your respiratory system will thank you.

6. Practice gratitude and forgiveness. These practices do more for us individually than they do for the recipient. The stress of carrying anger or resentment make us more vulnerable to illness. So let it go.

7. Be mindful. Just taking notice of our breath, the coolness of the air breathing in, pausing and then slowly breathing out, releasing any tension in our shoulder, can reduce blood pressure and bring a sense of calmness to our being.

8. Be kinder and more generous than you have to be. We never fully know the value of a kind word or gesture. “Pay it forward” if you can. Enjoy the journey.