So you want a quick, healthy lunch or dinner rich in nutrients that support bone health. But just how MUCH is that meal getting you towards your health goals? I recently happened onto a tool that makes quick work of that question.

For my meal example here, I’ve grilled a 6 oz. piece of wild caught salmon. I’ve cooked up some quinoa per the package. I’ve quick sautéed kale in a little olive oil, and I’ve cut two slices out of a medium sized avocado and I’ve assembled it into a pretty bowl. To find out the nutrient breakout I went to typed in my ingredients (or whatever ingredients you choose to use!) and I  quickly find out  My Recipe nutrition stats are:

Total Fat 16.6g Saturated Fat 3.1g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 93.5mg Sodium 134.3mg Total Carbohydrate 48.7g Dietary Fiber 12.3g f Protein 52.4g Vitamin C 28.4mg Vitamin D 19.2mcg Iron 5mg Calcium 306.4mg Potassium 1380.9mg Phosphorus 898mg

Pretty cool, huh! Let me know if you give it a go!