rosa rugosaSince relocating to the coast of the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been enchanted by the new diversity of plant life I’m seeing and experiencing every day.

One plant in particular that has been calling to me is the wild beach rose, Rosa rugosa. I’ve planted a few in my yard and also wildcrafted and dried some petals and buds. And then, of course, I’ve been enjoying finding ways to integrate them into my apothecary and life.

One thing I happened across was a recipe by Rosemary Gladstar. It is a perfect facial cleanser replacement, is mild, nourishing, generally suitable for all skin types, and can be used daily as part of your skin care routine.

Don’t have wild roses and lavender growing around you? No problem! Great organic dried herbs are available at places like Just don’t use flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals, including flowers you receive from a florist.


½ c finely ground oats

1 c white clay powder (also called white cosmetic clay, or kaolin clay)

1/8 c finely ground almonds

2 Tablespoons finely ground dried lavender

2 Tablespoons finely ground dried rose petals

1 teaspoon finely powdered seaweed (optional, but bladderwrack seaweed powder is fantastic in this formula)

A drop of pure lavender essential oil is optional, but a nice addition.


Mix all together and place in a sealed container.

To use, place two teaspoons of your powdered mixture in a small dish. Add a squirt of honey and enough water to make a paste. Gently massage on face; rinse off with warm water.

*Note – Clays are also available through Their French Green Clay and Rhassoul Clay are also lovely. Just read their descriptions to see what would work best for your skin. And I buy seaweed though a wonderful, a lovely husband and wife owned Oregon couple who take great care and pride in their products.