Yoga vs. Osteoporosis

Build Bone Mineral Density so you can Be More, Do More!

Worried about Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Bone Disease & Fractures? Over 500 million people worldwide are affected by this silent disease, which wreaks havoc and prevents people from living the life they’ve dreamed about.

Learn how you can take charge of building your bone mineral density using a “no-harm” approach with Certified Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Instructors, supported by a Physical Therapist & Holistic Nutritionist, so you can travel, play and live the life you LOVE.

Yoga vs. Osteoporosis – Level 1

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Foundations First

A program designed for ALL levels of experience, from new-to-yoga to experienced. We set you up in your best form.

Hear What Others Have to Say

“I Feel More Flexible”

I’ve been a yoga skeptic for several years. Have taken yoga classes several times but each time was injured. Genevieve & Susan knew I was a beginner. Having Osteoporosis, I took this class for my bone health & agility. Yoga vs. Osteoporosis has opened a new path for my body. I feel more flexible, I stand taller and can now twist to back up my car. My balance has definitely improved. I’m enthused and ready to make a real long-term commitment to my bone health! -Claudia C

“More than Learning Exercises”

This program has helped me in so many ways! First of all, it’s really upbeat and enjoyable.  It feels good to know I am doing something really good for myself and I really look forward to it.   Classes are organized so that we get to meet each other and share our stories.  The program is also set up for success.

I cannot believe that I have learned these poses and am very motivated to do them at least 5 days a week.  I feel deeply grateful to Genevieve and Susan for creating this program because I don’t know of anyone who is doing something similar.

It is also so much more than learning the exercises.  There are segments that provide dietary strategies for increasing calcium.  There are also segments for short meditations and positive affirmations.  Everything is focused on improving your life, your osteoporosis, and your attitude toward yourself.  It’s a very unique and amazing program, I am so deeply grateful that I have found it.  ~ Barbara E., CA

Meet Genevieve

  • Physical Therapist
  • Certified Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Instructor
  • Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Certified Falls Prevention Specialist
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Parent, Daughter, Neighbor, Friend
  • Tennis Player, Runner

Live Instructor Classes

Our Foundation classes teach Level I pose by pose.  We go slow, taking time for Q&A & feedback. Upon completion, you’re equipped with the tools & techniques required to safely and effectively integrate this practice into your life. 

One-on-One Private Session

You can’t get any more personalized than a 30-minute private session. This amazing value-add is ideal for individualized feedback as our instructors see you on a HUGE screen. Setting you up for success.

Over 20 Videos + Class Recordings

Enter our video vault to review the breakdown of every step of the poses. Master and review each pose at technique Level 1. Gain confidence and grow your skills. And if a schedule conflict, each live class is recorded.

What is Yoga vs. Osteoporosis?

In this live 4 week course, you’ll learn to harness the power of an eons old well-being practice to deal with a National Health Crisis, affecting 1 in 3 women over the age of 50. We’re talking about Osteoporosis.

Not only will you learn the 12 poses that can help you build bone density, but you’ll also learn how to do them properly and effectively. We leverage neuroscience, teaching you how to turn this new practice into a daily habit in 12 minutes a day!

This clinically studied, peer-reviewed practice is being led by registered yoga teachers certified by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD. Study results demonstrated over 80% of the study participants improved their bone density. Additional benefits include better balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. To do more and be more!

Hear from Genevieve how you can secure your future active life, and have fun along the way!


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I’m a 51 year old male who found out through a DEXA scan 6 years ago that I had Osteopenia.  What a shock! I had been dealing with Lyme disease for most of my 40’s but had thought that with my activity level and weight training my bones would be healthy.

Whether it be Lyme-related, stress, or poor bone formation as a kid, my bones were not healthy, and I needed an answer. When I found out about the iPivot Yoga vs Osteoporosis program, I knew that I had found the right path for me to stay active into my later years.

I have been doing yoga for some time so I was intrigued and encouraged by the thought that specific yoga poses could help my bones. The instruction from Susan and Genevieve is supportive and easy to follow. They really show you the nuances of the poses which make all the difference. I was so happy that this kind of instruction could be delivered over Zoom to my living room in Los Angeles. They have very keen eyes and really push and instruct me to get the most benefit out of each pose.

I’m really excited to bring consistency to the work and see the results in the years to come. As a Pharmacist, I knew I wanted a long term natural solution for my bone density. I am very grateful for this program and their instruction. Thank you, Susan and Genevieve!”  ~ Brian H



Spend no extra time & create big impact. Simple, no cost strategies for better posture that fit into your busy life.

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Results Backed By Research

More than 80% of participants in a 10+ year clinical study run by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD, improved their bone mineral density by consistently and purposefully completing just 12 poses daily.

“I Feel More Confident”

I’m really happy I decided to invest in myself and take the Yoga vs. Osteoporosis class. There are many yoga classes out there but I had no idea there was one specifically targeting bone loss. Genevieve and Susan are very knowledgeable in this area and have science to back up the reason for specific poses. I took this because I have osteopenia. I’m basically a beginner and now feel more confident in the world of yoga. It’s been a fun journey filled with valuable information with a lot of support from 2 energetic knowledgeable ladies.     Debbie K, AZ

“It’s a win/win.”

Why Yoga vs Osteoporosis?  Someone said, “glamour is just another word for a little extra discipline”.  Susan and Genevieve inspire that little extra discipline through Yoga vs Osteoporosis.  It is fun and hard work combined with a lot of encouragement from two women who understand the art of growing up.  Will you feel more glamorous?  Take the class and find out.  I’m 74 and hoping to move on to the next level.  Glamour and stronger bones.  It’s a win/win.
Sue K. , AZ

Possible Side Effects


Better Balance


Improved Posture


Improved Strength


Increased Range of Motion


Refined Coordination


Decreased Anxiety


New Friendships

Turn Your Practice into Building Bone Mineral Density & Reduce Your Risk of Fractures & Falls

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What do Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Graduates have to say?

Mary Ann


Who is This Course For?



You have little to no yoga experience.



You’ve done some yoga before, but feel like you are “not that good” or have been turned off with having to figure out your own modifications.


Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

You are scared about your high risk of fractures and want to do all you can to help your bones.


Future Risk Mitigation

You want to build bone mineral density NOW, to avoid Osteoporosis.


Chemotherapy or Long Term Steroid Treatment

Treatments that decrease your bone mineral density and put you at HIGH risk of developing Osteoporosis.


Alternative to side effects of some osteo meds

Looking for a “no-harm” approach with beneficial side effects such as balance, strength, flexibility.


Willing to Put in the Effort

This is not a passive course and you are ready to show up. to take charge of your health and well-being.


Connecting with Others

Seeking shared interests. Perfect for mothers & daughters and long-distance friends to build bone density together.

Ready to Kickstart your Bone Health Journey?

 You’re going to be great at this!

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Calcium is demystified in a beautiful summary. Join Susan as you discover the answer to some of the most common questions and ambiguity surrounding Calcium.


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We aim to deliver value that far exceeds your investment of time and money. If you don’t believe your investment in yourself was worth every penny, we’ll extend a full refund. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need?

  • Armless Chair (feet flat on the floor)
  • 36″ Wall/Door Space
  • 36″-48″ Yoga Strap/Belt/Dog Leash etc.)
  • Device with a camera (phone/iPad/computer/webcam)
  • Yoga Mat (Optional)
  • Yoga Block (if under 5’2″)

What is the best way to set up for Zoga?

Check out some Zoga tips HERE

What if I have a group, small family, or team at work?

We love teaching groups! We can teach this course specifically to your group and are happy to work with your scheduling needs.

Are the classes recorded?

We strongly, strongly recommend attending the live class so you may receive feedback. Yes, the classes are recorded and posted to the private membership dashboard so you may stream them online at your convenience. The class recordings are available for 1 week after the course ends. 

What age is this designed for?

Truly, any age. There is no such thing as too early…or too late! Whether you are on the younger side working to build up your bone density reserves and minimize future risk or if you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, Dr. Fishman, MD’s clinical study demonstrated results that improved bone mineral density in over 80% of participants.

What is the difference between the 4-week and the 3-day course?

Basically, both courses contain the same content, led by credentialed Certified Yoga vs Osteo Instructors and PT. It depends on your learning style, needs, and schedule. The 4-week is spread out across 8 sessions, allowing more opportunity to practice in between classes. The 3-day offers an opportunity to work within a limited schedule. Either is a fantastic choice! 

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

Awesome! This class is designed for beginners. We spend time on each individual pose, explaining the how and the why.

genevieve rockett

Meet Your Guide: Genevieve

Genevieve is a Physical Therapist, Certified Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Instructor, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, & Falls Prevention Specialist, with a proven track record of helping clients maximize their activity level, confidence, balance, stress management, mindset, flexibility, resiliency, strength, & function.

The key to Genevieve’s success is her realistic perspective, positive energy & contagious enthusiasm. Her teaching style is geared towards busy people with busy lives.

Her passion for bone health was kickstarted by three family generations. Boosting Mom’s Osteoporosis bone mineral density level, minimizing the future risk for her daughter with Celiac’s disease (high risk factor.) Genevieve believes health is the secret ingredient to a fulfilling & zesty life.

Meet Your Guide: Susan

Susan Williams is a Certified Yoga vs. Osteoporosis Instructor, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, & an AHG Registered Herbalist. She believes her passion for healthy eating and living came from her Mom, who turned Susan loose in the kitchen at age 7 to cook nightly dinner for the family of 7.

Susan committed to finding natural solutions for bone health about 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with Osteopenia. After researching the pharmaceutical solutions, she decided that these were not her “cup of tea.” She loves sharing what she has learned in her 2000 plus hours of study of herbal medicine and yoga.

Susan and her husband have two extraordinary boys and now live on the coast in the Pacific Northwest with their small herd of dogs.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the content of this workshop is never to be used as a substitution for the opinion and services of a licensed healthcare professional. The use of yoga as an adjunct to wellness is intended to be an integrative supportive activity that fosters the innate healing potential of everyone, but is not a substitute for licensed medical care and is subject to the applicable governing laws of your state/province. All forms of exercise including yoga are activities in which you the participant assume the risk of injury or harm as a result of your participation. As such, please ensure that you have obtained your doctor's approval prior to engaging in this or any physical activity. You agree by virtue of participation in this workshop to hold harmless any and all of its speakers, participants, or hosts from any and all liability from harm should you incur any injuries, whether mental or physical, as a result of your participation in this workshop.