Look no further than Black Strap Molasses. That’s right, one tablespoon has a whopping 200 mg of calcium.

What exactly is Black Strap Molasses? It’s a cousin to regular molasses, but actually tastes quite different. Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct of sugar production. Sugar production starts with boiling sugarcane juice to crystallize the sugar, which is then filtered to separate it from the juice. This leaves a thick, brown liquid called molasses. By boiling two more times blackstrap is created, which is thicker and darker than regular molasses and has a bitter taste. That said, blackstrap molasses is more nutrient-dense than other types of molasses, which explains its popularity as a nutritional supplement.

So, what does one do with blackstrap molassses? Some stir a tablespoon into a cup of hot milk (dairy or non-dairy.) Others add a spoonful into a smoothie. Many prefer the taste of blackstrap best when added to savory foods, like beans, salad dressings or barbeque sauce. Some just stir a spoonful into a cup of water and drink it down.

Blackstrap molasses is also a great source of plant-based iron. Some claims are that blackstrap molasses is useful in strengthening bone mineral density, combatting anemia, reducing stress, dealing with PMS, diabetes management (due to the much lower sugar content), and even for cancer prevention. As always, checking in with your health care provider team is important when beginning any new regimen.