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Wellness Retreat

Take your health and your family’s into your own hands. An in-depth introduction to the benefits of botanical preparations. Proven, easy-to-make recipes and concepts so you may lean into your health, all wrapped into a 3-day serene getaway.

Rechart your health trajectory

Recalibrate your well-being.

Renew your energy.

Wellness Retreat

This 3-night retreat is the perfect opportunity to recharge, reconnect, refresh, reset, & rejuvenate. Set aside the worries of day to day life and focus on your resiliency and well-being.

Pause: Breathe. Clear your mind. Rest. Relax. Unplug.
Pivot: Craft the life you envision. Clarify goals. Engage your resiliency and stress navigation skills.
Propel: Move forward with a healthy mindset. Initiate personal change to live your extraordinary life.

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People Are Saying

 “Susan & Genevieve are truly dedicated to genuinely caring about you and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself”   Tensie – Florida

“By learning my 5 values it really set the baseline from which I can view my life going forward.”  Mason – Arizona

2021 Schedule

Sept 10-13 – Botanical Bodega

Nov 1-4 – Refresh, Reset, Rejuvenate

2022 Retreat Locations

East Coast: NC & Maine
West Coast: AZ, NM & Oregon